This year Billy Forsyth Scottish Dancing Shoes is celebrating almost 60 years of supporting Highland Dancers, originally just around the Scottish Highland Games circuit, but now wherever Highland Dancers perform all across the world.

From humble beginnings, designed by World Champion Billy Forsyth, the fame of  Forsyth Highland Dancing Shoes has travelled from country to country and from Continent to Continent as the years have gone by and they are now recognised as the Premier Highland Dance Shoe available.

As it says on the brochures:

"Specially designed by a World Champion for Champions and those who would like to be Champions."

The business has now moved to the next generation with Colin and Nichola Forsyth taking over the running of the business.

“We are proud to maintain the business of Forsyth Highland Dancing Shoes and look forward to building on Billy and Anne’s dedication and support to the world of Highland Dancing over the next 60 years.” Colin and Nichola Forsyth



Colin and Nichola Forsyth

Colin is a Chartered Civil Engineer by training and Nichola is a business woman while bringing up their 5 children.

Colin currently works as a Technical Director for Davis Ogilvie and Partners, a leading Engineering consultancy based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Nichola works dealing with the orders and invoicing but has also taken over the administration of the business from Billy.